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Financial Planning Advice


My portfolio is in safe hands

For the past ten years I have had the pleasure of using James Hewitt's financial services. He and his team are so approachable and knowledgeable. For me, the advantage of being able to have an annual face to face review with a competent professional adviser is so reassuring. James never makes you feel you are asking a stupid question. He explains in detail the pros and cons of the markets he has studied in great depth. His recommendations have always been in my best interest. I am confident my portfolio is safe in his hands.

Mrs Ainley, Bridport

Clear, friendly and informative advice

My meetings at Gillinghams have been informative, insightful and very helpful. Advice has been offered in a professional but friendly, relaxed manner, putting the client at ease while inspiring confidence in the adviser and their recommendations. Specialised subjects and questions, which can appear complex and intimidating to the uninitiated, have been simplified and clarified, thereby making important decisions much less daunting.

Mr Lee, Bridport

Excellent customer service

Gillingham’s staff have always been polite, helpful, professional, and cheerful. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble for them, their customer service focus is excellent. We have always been provided with excellent advice and service and trust them to continue doing so into the future.

Anonymous, Somerset

Delighted client

We are delighted to have found Gillinghams to look after our investments. Their service is professional but friendly, and we know we can trust them to give good advice, with our best interests at heart.

Anonymous, Bridport

Nothing is too much trouble

Excellent and clear communication as always. Everything explained and nothing is too much trouble.

Mrs R, Swansea